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Kay Stammers

An accomplished television newsreader, reporter and producer.

A veteran journalist and newsreader with over 25 years experience in mainstream television, Kay has reported, presented and produced for all five free-to-air networks. She is also a multi award-winning documentary and video producer (with a special interest in health and medical issues), former teacher and lecturer in English, and author.

Television work

Kay was one of the pioneer female television journalists, beginning her career in the seventies as reporter for Nine's ground-breaking daytime current affairs show No Man's Land – produced and presented by women for women – before being snapped up by Mike Willesee for his new current affairs program 24 Hours, screened nationally on the 0/Ten Network.

She entered television quite by chance, after a career in teaching lasting three years. While sunbathing in a bikini at Sandringham Beach during the summer holidays, she was approached by a news photographer to take her photo. That photo appeared the next day on Page 3 of The Sun, prompting an old university friend, now working as a producer at GTV9 News, to give her a call and offer her an audition for a new all-women current affairs show. She got the job, and teaching was swapped for a career in television.

After another year working as a reporter for Ten’s Eyewitness News in Melbourne, Kay left to travel to England and Europe with fellow reporter Gail Jarvis, but was coaxed back by the new Head of Nine's News and Current Affairs, Peter Meakin, to join Nine News in Sydney as its sole female reporter. The tight knit team of 6 reporters in 1975 included Jim Waley, Ian Ross and Robert Penfold.

After five years at the Nine Network Kay spent a year in the UK, working as a reporter for ITN and as London radio correspondent for a Sydney radio station, before returning to Sydney to take up a position as Health, Medical & Consumer news reporter on Ten's EyeWitness News. In 1982 she became inaugural presenter of Seven's new late night News program, NewsWorld, combining newsreading with live studio interviews, a position she enjoyed for several years.

When Lifestyle programs began in the eighties with Burke's Backyard, Kay returned to Nine as consumer reporter for the show. She even did a story on her own marriage, reporting from the location on her wedding day, and continued reporting on the show when pregnant, until a month before giving birth (breaking new ground as the first pregnant reporter ever seen on Australian television).

Kay spent several years at ABC-TV in the field of the Arts, as reporter/producer for Andrew Saw's State of the Arts and Billboard, and celebrity show TVTV, as well as occasional presenter of Backchat (filling in for Tim Bowden). She also worked at SBS-TV, as Executive Producer of English Language Programs and co-presenter of Hello Australia with fellow newsreader George Donikian.

When Foxtel started The LifeStyle Channel in the late nineties, Kay, by then a mother and author of two books on pregnancy and babies, was recruited as the first 'Parenting presenter/producer'.

Video Production

In later years, Kay utilised her television and journalistic skills to produce and edit her own TV documentaries and educational videos (specialising in health and medical issues) through Media One, the video production company she formed with her partner Tristan Parry.

Her one hour video Dementia with Dignity, on caring for people with Alzheimer's Disease, is used as a teaching tool in colleges and nursing homes worldwide. Other projects include educational DVDs on pancreatic cancer (commissioned by Cancer Council NSW), ovarian cancer (funded by the Federal Department of Health & Ageing) and meningococcal disease (supported by the NSW State Government).

Kay’s first documentary, Celebrating Julienne (about a woman grappling with terminal breast cancer) won a Silver World Medal in the New York Film & Video Festivals. Since then, Media One has won over 20 international video awards.


Kay is also an accomplished author, having published five books, two of them children's picture books.

The cover of 'What They Never Tell You'

What They Never Tell You

(Random House Australia/Reed Books 1997)

This popular book was reprinted 7 times but is now out of print. Warmly and clearly written from a mother's point of view, it is packed with practical tips, diary extracts and expert advice, in a convenient week-by-week format, with actual writing and photos of Kay's own experience during the first six months after giving birth.

The cover of 'Worth The Wait'

Worth the Wait — A personal diary of first pregnancy

(Maclennan & Petty, Sydney 1992)

An intensely personal and entertaining account of the highs and lows of pregnancy — including miscarriage — especially for older mums. In a practical week-by-week format, packed with detailed advice and information relevant to all parents-to-be.

The cover of 'Who's Afraid of the Mouse'

Who's Afraid of the Mouse! & A women's guide to email, computers, and the Internet

(Random House Australia, 2002)

A clear, user-friendly and encouraging guide, packed with practicalities rather than technicalities, showing how to use technology to save time and improve lifestyle.

The cover of 'Princess Diana: A True Fairytale'

Princess Diana & A true fairytale

(Lothian Australia 1997, and Harper Collins USA 1998)

Designed by Tristan Parry. A ground-breaking book written and packaged by Media One. It explains to children in terms they understand why the world stood still when Princess Diana tragically died. Exquisitely presented, using real photographs from childhood onwards.

The cover of 'Tilly & Mrs Tweddle: A True Story'

Tilly & Mrs Tweddle — A true story

(Wellington Lane Press 1990)

The true tale of a very special relationship between a kindly woman and her strong-willed cat, set in the Victorian countryside, which will appeal to animal lovers of all ages. With appealing watercolour illustrations from Tristan

Curriculum Vitae

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